New Game Modes: Exhibition, Escape

The past week has been spent implementing two additional game modes.

“Exhibition” mode allows the player to create a character like normal, then select an enemy to fight on the next screen. You can select any enemy that you’ve unlocked for the mode, currently they are all unlocked for testing purposes. You can also decide to let the enemy use their normal attack pattern, or pick another one for them to use from a list that has every attack pattern used by the monsters you’ve unlocked.

This mode serves two purposes, it allows the player to practice against enemies that they’ve unlocked with different items and classes and since the selection of character and enemy occur on a separate screen it allows for a local multiplayer mode where one player picks a character and fights an enemy chosen by a friend.

In “Escape” mode, the player chooses a monster from the same list of unlocked monsters as in exhibition mode and then tries to beat the 100 floors of the Tower in reverse, trying to go from floor 100 to floor 1 and then escape the Tower and go free into the world. The ability to play as the monster adds a novel experience, and while it can be easier than the normal mode in some ways it can also be harder if you pick a weak monster or run into a lot of enemies that are difficult for your monster to deal with since monsters can’t gain new equipment the way the standard classes can.

Escape mode plays just like normal mode aside from the going in reverse and playing as a monster aspect, even having a hardcore option. It works off of the same lives system as normal mode, and will in fact overwrite your normal game run if you already had one going. Choosing to play ‘Escape’ mode when you already have a normal game going is the equivalent of selecting ‘new game’ but with a slight twist on the rules.

The currently planned method for unlocking monsters for play in Exhibition and Escape is to defeat that monster a certain amount of times while playing in a normal or Escape game on hardcore mode.

About Maynard Price

My name is Maynard Price. I am an undergraduate student at RPI (representing class of 2013 :D) majoring in computer science and minoring in game studies. I’m aiming to break into the game industry after I graduate, and so I’m developing a portfolio (currently too embarrassingly small or lame to bother posting). I have some experience in developing games in c++ using SDL, but I’m learning to program in AS3 using Flash Develop (probably with Flixel). I’m down for anything really. Small projects, big projects, etc. I just need experience and practice. I’ll be doing my own thing too, but I definitely need to get some practice working with others on larger projects.
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