Some Art and Stat Changes

A few classes (Ninja, Fencer, Hunter) have been made available. They and the original 3 classes (Knight, Scholar (was Mage previously), and Striker) have gained their own art. Player art now changes on the map and in combat based on selected class.

Also, players no longer gain stat points to spend each level. Instead, player stats are recalculated based on the level and their selected class. All numbers in the game have also been increased in both starting value and value at lvl. 300. The increased numbers come from feedback that it would feel more satisfying to have larger numbers in the game.

A few bugs were created an resolved in the transition to the new stat growth system. The new numbers have been given a cursory rebalance but will require significant long term playtesting and fine tuning.

Weapons no longer give a flat range of damage added to the power of a character for damage calculation. Instead, each weapon gives a different % base increase to a players Power, Speed, and Skill for the purposes of calculation when equipped. In addition to the base % boost, the weapons will in the future get a small per level % boost to one of the three stats.

Each piece of armor now gives a % boost to either Vitality or Spirit for the purpose of calculating damage mitigation later in development when those are factored in. Like with weapons, armor will also have a per level scaling % boost to either Vitality or Spirit.

Each class now has its own list of weapons and armors, and will no longer find items for other classes. The player will only ‘notice’ and pick up equipment that they have the training to use, or that makes sense to bring with them. Weapons are based on what kind of weapons that class can use, armors are now more along the line of small additions to a players wardrobe that can be added to what they walked in with. This way, you don’t have a player swapping between full suits of armor and leather clothes or whatever every other turn in combat, instead changing out shields or metal bracers for example. The question of ‘where are they storing all this stuff” still exists, but at least you’re only slapping on a pair of gloves instead of putting on full chainmail mid fight.

An annoying bug has popped up that allows someone to continuously walk balk and forth over a previously used event space and constantly trigger events. This will be addressed asap in a future patch, just be aware of it and try not to exploit it for the sake of balance testing.

About Maynard Price

My name is Maynard Price. I am an undergraduate student at RPI (representing class of 2013 :D) majoring in computer science and minoring in game studies. I’m aiming to break into the game industry after I graduate, and so I’m developing a portfolio (currently too embarrassingly small or lame to bother posting). I have some experience in developing games in c++ using SDL, but I’m learning to program in AS3 using Flash Develop (probably with Flixel). I’m down for anything really. Small projects, big projects, etc. I just need experience and practice. I’ll be doing my own thing too, but I definitely need to get some practice working with others on larger projects.
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