Sound and Art Upgrades

A few of the sound effect in ToL have turned out to be far more common than  expected, and thus far more annoying. They have been changed or toned down in order to make the game hurt the ears of other people less. Additionally, I have been experimenting with a simple and clean art style that should give ToL a somewhat uncommon look and feel while keeping art asset creation time down since I’m doing it myself and am not exactly an artist.

The new style is reminiscent of the ‘Madness’ flash series of games or ‘Rayman’ in that the limbs themselves are not drawn. The implication in my game is that the limbs exist but only as invisible energy connections between extremities. This leaves the Head, hands, and feet floating around the torso in generally the correct positions and allows for leeway in posing characters. Characters and enemies drawn in this style should be significantly easier to create and edit than in many other styles. Once a significant amount of art has been made, there will be a patch to the alpha site so everyone can take a look and provide feedback.

About Maynard Price

My name is Maynard Price. I am an undergraduate student at RPI (representing class of 2013 :D) majoring in computer science and minoring in game studies. I’m aiming to break into the game industry after I graduate, and so I’m developing a portfolio (currently too embarrassingly small or lame to bother posting). I have some experience in developing games in c++ using SDL, but I’m learning to program in AS3 using Flash Develop (probably with Flixel). I’m down for anything really. Small projects, big projects, etc. I just need experience and practice. I’ll be doing my own thing too, but I definitely need to get some practice working with others on larger projects.
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