GameFest Showcase

While ‘Tower of London’ is still a few months of from the projected release date, it will be getting some public exposure for the first time at an organized event this Saturday at the 10th annual GameFest event hosted by RPI. While it won’t be part of the normal competition because I am an alumni rather than a student, it will still be a good opportunity to get some feedback mid development and if I’m extra super lucky I might find an artist interested in working with me.

The version to be featured at GameFest will be a super experimental new prototype with many changes to the build currently playable here. If you want to see the newest version in the super near future… you’ll just have to go to GameFest and see it there!


About Maynard Price

My name is Maynard Price. I am an undergraduate student at RPI (representing class of 2013 :D) majoring in computer science and minoring in game studies. I’m aiming to break into the game industry after I graduate, and so I’m developing a portfolio (currently too embarrassingly small or lame to bother posting). I have some experience in developing games in c++ using SDL, but I’m learning to program in AS3 using Flash Develop (probably with Flixel). I’m down for anything really. Small projects, big projects, etc. I just need experience and practice. I’ll be doing my own thing too, but I definitely need to get some practice working with others on larger projects.
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