Cutscenes and Music

The cutscene feature is now functional. A cutscene consists of a series of text paragraphs accompanied by an image and a title. Currently, when you start a new game and upon the completion of each floor you are awarded with a short cutscene that explains some of the backstory of the game and the world it is set in.

Additionally, there are many more musical scores in the game then before, providing variety and tone to the different parts of the game. Some previous music was replaced to make room for more fitting scores. The title, cutscene, dungeon, boss, floor clear, and death screens all feature their own distinct background music.

The additional ambiance added by the musical changes seems to go a long way for improving the atmosphere of the game, and with the new cutscenes players can finally start to experience the dungeon as ‘The Tower of London’ instead of a generic monster killing simulator.

Yay for world building!

About Maynard Price

My name is Maynard Price. I am an undergraduate student at RPI (representing class of 2013 :D) majoring in computer science and minoring in game studies. I’m aiming to break into the game industry after I graduate, and so I’m developing a portfolio (currently too embarrassingly small or lame to bother posting). I have some experience in developing games in c++ using SDL, but I’m learning to program in AS3 using Flash Develop (probably with Flixel). I’m down for anything really. Small projects, big projects, etc. I just need experience and practice. I’ll be doing my own thing too, but I definitely need to get some practice working with others on larger projects.
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